Volunteer – Help fight climate change and support clean, green energy

You can help our efforts to build a clean, green energy future for Ontario in a number of ways:

  1. Distribute our materials to your friends, families and coworkers. Order copies of our latest pamphlets.
  2. Help us distribute our pamphlets in key areas. We often do door-to-door distribution of our pamphlets to help raise awareness of how we can act on climate change and build a clean energy future. It’s a great way to get some exercise and a great volunteer opportunity for high school students looking for mandatory hours. Contact our Volunteer Director for more info: volunteer@cleanairalliance.org 
  3. Pass on our email bulletins to your online network. If you are not already a subscriber, signup now.
  4. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  5. Get your group or municipality to endorse our call for a gas phase out by 2030. Contact our Outreach Director Angela Bischoff at (416) 260-2080 ext.1 if you’re interested.
  6. Find out about other volunteering opportunities by emailing us with your name and phone number at angela@cleanairalliance.org.
  7. If you’re short on time, consider financially supporting the OCAA’s important work. We’re a small and lean organization that achieves a lot!