Electricity costs are one of the big issues being debated during the current Ontario election, but do any of the parties have a real solution for lowering electricity bills?

We do. By signing a long-term agreement with Quebec to import low-cost water power, Ontario could save more than $1 billion a year compared to the cost of re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. That’s a lot of dough that can be used to lower both residential and business bills.

We encourage you to ask candidates knocking on your door if they support making a long-term deal with Quebec.

Also: Please order our new pamphlet Water Power from Quebec can save Ontario $1 billion a year – and distribute it to your friends, neighbours and co-workers before election day. They’re free.

We’re also looking for volunteers to join our happy gang of canvassers to distribute these pamphlets door-to-door in the Toronto Davenport riding. Contact me (Angela) if you’d like to help – email angela@cleanairalliance.org or call 416-260-2080×1. It’s a great way to get some exercise while doing good!

Of course, these pamphlets don’t grow on trees (although we do use FSC certified paper to print them). If you can help to offset some of our costs by making a donation, we can get the word out further and wider. Please consider making a secure donation through our website today as your way of voting for a clean and safe energy future!

Thank you!

Angela Bischoff

P.S. York University is sponsoring a conference about water power imports from Quebec in downtown Toronto on Friday May 23rd. The speakers include Jack Gibbons, OCAA; Professor Pierre-Olivier Pineau, HEC Montreal; and Jack Burkom, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Energy. To learn more click here.

P.S.S. Watch a 20 minute video of Jack Gibbons speaking about how water power imports could lower our bills and move us to a green energy future.