March 29, 2012

We can influence the provincial budget and save billions – here’s how

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath now has the power to decide if the McGuinty Government survives or falls. To her credit, she has invited input from Ontarians before putting forward her party’s conditions for supporting the proposed budget, so let’s give it.

This is an excellent opportunity for the NDP to introduce into the budget two fiscally sensible measures which will free up billions for all those things you care about like health care and education, while lowering your electricity bills and cleaning the air:

1. Demand that the Government of Ontario stop paying Ontario Power Generation $367 million per year to keep its money-losing Nanticoke and Lambton coal plants running until 2014. We have enough clean power to phase-out dirty coal now – what are we waiting for?

2. Insist that the Government develop a new long-term electricity plan that will reduce investments in high-cost nuclear power, relying instead on low-cost energy efficiency, water power imports from Quebec and natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants. The McGuinty Government’s arbitrary decision that nuclear power should meet 50% of our future electricity needs makes no sense given that we have safer, cleaner and much lower cost options to keep our lights on.

These two conditions could save Ontarians billions and free up scarce public dollars for more urgent priorities.

In recent days, 300 of you emailed Andrea Horwath to give her this message. If you haven’t done so yet, please do so now! Just click here to send your letter. And also please call her feedback line (1-855-ONT-BDGT) – urge her to make these two conditions part of her party’s “must haves”.

This is our chance to influence the budget – do your part! Thank you.

Angela Bischoff

P.S. Please pass this message onto your friends.

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