March 10, 2010

We can stop burning coal today! – New leaflet

Ontario now has a large surplus of coal-free electricity and according to the Independent Electricity System Operator it will stay that way between now and the official coal phase out deadline of 2014. That means that Ontario can stop burning coal today and avoid releasing millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and air polluting emissions simply by putting our remaining dirty coal plants on standby reserve.

This would be an excellent way to demonstrate to the world at the G20 Summit in June that Ontario is serious about meeting its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and that Canadians do care about climate change.

By not operating our coal plants except in the case of a true power emergency, we can proudly point to a major climate achievement when the world gathers on our doorstep in June!

Help us get the word out about this magnificent climate opportunity – order pamphlets, with postcards addressed to Premier McGuinty, to distribute to your friends, family and community calling for Ontario’s coal plants to be put on standby reserve immediately. Order now – they’re FREE! And thank you so much for helping us help the planet.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you,

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
402-625 Church St, Toronto M4Y 2G1
Phone: 416-926-1907 ext. 246

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