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We had a fabulous turn out for our webinar on using heat pumps last night. The interest among Ontarians in acting to save our climate has never been stronger.

Which makes it even more frustrating that our provincial government is missing in action in the fight against climate change on so many fronts.

Its plan to ramp up the use of gas-fired power plants – and to build new ones – will not only increase our climate impact, it will undercut the valuable contribution individuals are making by converting to heat pumps and EVs.

Meanwhile, the government has done virtually nothing to help the people of Ontario lower their climate footprint. It cancelled programs to assist with home efficiency upgrades, cancelled EV incentives, and derailed the push to develop solar and wind power that could be supplying our homes and businesses right now.

In fact, the Ford government seems more interested in helping the fossil fuel industry with tax cuts and new fossil gas infrastructure (at a time when the industry is making record profits) than in helping ordinary Ontarians. It is only too happy to shell out billions of dollars for unproven nuclear technology, while turning its back on proven – and low cost – solar and wind. And it will give car companies hundreds of millions of dollars to manufacture EVs in Ontario but won’t help the people of this province actually drive them.

Meanwhile, it ignores the emerging green economy and growing global demand for technology like heat pumps, two-way EV chargers and smart grids.

This counterproductive – and dangerous – approach to climate change must change. And the organization that can change it is the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. Our campaign opposing a huge increase in the use of gas-fired power has energized 34 municipalities and thousands of people across Ontario, creating big problems for the government which hoped to quietly double down on fossil fuels and rising electricity costs without raising public attention.

By highlighting viable solutions like heat pumps and Quebec water power and storage, we are making it extremely difficult for the government to pretend there is nothing that can be done to address climate change or that doing so will harm our pocketbooks (quite the contrary – it will save us money and grow our economy).

But we can’t do this work without your support. The time is now to act on the growing climate crisis. Please support our work so that we can continue to spread the word about what we should be doing (investing in green power and efficiency) and what we should not be doing (spending money on fossil gas and high-cost, high-risk nuclear).

We can create a better future for our kids – but to do that, we need your support to stop this province from moving steadily backwards.

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