Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) plan to build a new nuclear reactor at the Darlington Nuclear Station – in the backyard of millions of people – is irrational, dangerous and unnecessary.

What’s more, it will be VERY expensive! Canada’s SMR (small modular nuclear reactor) Roadmap – produced by industry in 2018 –  promises that power from such systems could cost us 16.3 cents per kilowatt hour (neglecting the inevitable cost overruns.)  This is a terrible deal compared with renewable alternatives such as solar and wind that are available for 4 – 7 cents per kWh (and only going down in price), or water power and storage from Quebec for 5 cents.

And we sure don’t need the additional radioactive waste new reactors will create. After 50 years of nuclear operations, OPG still has nowhere to store its deadly radioactive wastes except in “temporary” storage sheds alongside our Great Lakes.

OPG is trying to spin this project as some kind of new type of nuclear. The truth is it is the same old technology, slightly scaled down with all the usual problems that come with splitting atoms: high costs, catastrophic safety risks, critical security threats and deadly waste. 

We need to get the word out about this reckless plan before OPG slips it past the always compliant Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).  We believe that if the people of the GTA knew about OPG’s plan to put an experimental reactor – that has never been tested under real-world conditions – in their backyard, the plan would get stopped in its tracks.

So let’s stop it.  Don’t let OPG and the CNSC quietly push through this incredibly shortsighted and risky plan. Help us stop this threat to our communities.

What you can do

Help us get the facts out. Distribute our new GTA Reactor pamphlet to your friends, family and community. They’re FREE. Order copies here.

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Also, ask your friends, family and community to send an email using this action tool to provincial leaders saying NO to New Nuclear in the GTA and YES to renewables and conservation!

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thanks for your help getting the word out!

Angela Bischoff, Director

p.s. Distribution of our leaflets in mailboxes door-to-door is an activity that is eligible for community service and high school volunteer hours. Contact angela@cleanairalliance.org for more info.

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