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At a time when countries around the world are deploying solar and wind on a massive scale at incredibly low costs, the Ford Government remains heavily committed to fossil gas and nuclear energy. This is an outdated approach to keeping our lights that will result in more pollution and rising electricity bills.

This is where we come in.

Premier Ford is planning to increase our gas plants’ GHG pollution by more than 300% by 2030 and by 500% or more by 2040. But thanks to the efforts of OCAA, phasing out gas-fired electricity is now on the province’s front burner. After we garnered support from 32 ON municipalities and 64 groups all  calling for a gas power phase-out, Energy Minister Todd Smith ordered the IESO to develop a plan for phasing out gas-fired electricity (though did not specify a date). What’s critical now is getting a commitment from the Government of Ontario to phase-out gas power by 2030 as requested by Ontario’s municipalities.

On the nuclear front, OPG has selected US-based GE-Hitachi to build a new $3 Billion nuclear reactor in the GTA, using an unproven technology – despite the fact that energy efficiency, wind and solar, and Quebec waterpower can all keep our lights on at less than half the cost without creating radioactive nuclear wastes – and despite the fact that only 16% of GTA residents (according to our polling) support building a new nuclear reactor without a permanent safe storage facility for nuclear waste.

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