May 11, 2009

We need your financial support to win again!

Will Energy Minister George Smitherman undo all of his good work on the Green Energy Act by signing another blank cheque for nuclear as early as June? The signs are that the Minister, despite championing green power and working to reduce barriers to its deployment, still plans to also green light two new nuclear reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Station.

It’s a very confusing approach and one that says a great deal about who really has the government’s ear these days. Nuclear projects remain on the table despite overwhelming evidence of practical and safer alternatives; Ontario’s bitter experience with nuclear plants that have been lemons; and a worldwide trend toward energy efficiency and distributed power.

Changing our fundamental approaches to energy use to put efficiency first, to truly embrace widespread use of renewable power, and to get smart about how we use natural gas during the transition to a renewable future are the only real solutions to the climate crisis we face.

These are solutions that the Ontario Clean Air Alliance began advocating with our campaign for a coal phase out. We succeeded in that campaign and Ontario’s coal phase out is now the no. 1 climate action being taken by any government in North America. Now we are campaigning for a smart energy future for this province – a future without new nuclear power plants. We need your support to win again.

The nuclear industry is only too happy to spend your money lobbying Queen’s Park and Ottawa for more subsidies. We’ll spend your money to push this province toward a 100% renewable electricity grid asap. That is a truly green future where renewable power and efficiency are more than nice words and slogans. But we can’t do it without your help!

Please support the efforts of one of the most dynamic and efficient environmental teams at work in Ontario today.

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