While global climate negotiations have been underway in Egypt, back home in Ontario the Ford Government has been doing everything it can to undermine Canada’s climate commitments and make the climate crisis worse.

Its plan to build new gas-fired power plants and to ramp up the use of existing ones more than 600% will mean turning back half the gains Ontario made by ending the use of dirty coal. Ontario led the world on climate solutions with that single action, spurred on by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA). Now it is rapidly moving in the wrong direction.

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In fact, it’s starting to look a lot like 1997 in Ontario again. Fossil fuel electricity generation is being ramped up to fill in the gap left by costly and unreliable nuclear; growth of renewable energy isn’t even on the horizon; and greenhouse gas pollution from our province’s electricity sector is soaring.

How can this be at a time when solar and wind are cheaper than ever and when we have a whole slew of ways to store power – including our electric vehicles’ batteries and Hydro Quebec’s reservoirs?

How can this be when experts commissioned by our own electricity system planners are telling us we don’t need more gas power, but can meet our needs with a smart combination of distributed renewable power and efficiency programs instead while saving Ontarians $290 billion?

We need to fight these efforts to drag Ontario back to the 1990s. Scientists are telling us we don’t have the luxury of time to address the climate crisis. We can’t wait two decades for non-existent technologies like “small modular nuclear reactors.” At the same time, we cannot continue to ignore the huge potential of technologies that actually exist – whether that is smart controls, vehicle-to-grid systems, heat pumps or solar panels.

OCAA has been raising the alarm about the completely unnecessary climate damage that will be inflicted by this province’s gassy power plans. We have pointed out the financial insanity of spending billions of dollars on the highest cost options for keeping our lights on while ignoring low-cost efficiency and renewable options. And we have worked with you to keep the pressure on our federal government to use its powers to prevent Ontario from making it ten straight misses on meeting Canada’s climate targets.

Your financial support is critical to getting Ontario back on track. Your dollars support the research that shows that Ontario has better options; the enormous cost – to our climate and our pocketbooks – of protecting our outdated status quo nuclear/gas systems; and to document the most effective ways of spurring real action on climate now, not decades from now.

We made Ontario a climate leader by taking down dirty coal. Now we have to do it again with polluting gas. Your donations are what will make it possible for us to achieve another massive climate victory – something the world very much needs right now.

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