As the days march toward the end of another year, we all find ourselves looking ahead and looking back. Looking ahead, a sense of uncertainty looms large again this year. Looking behind, we see the ragged end of another tumultuous year that we have all struggled through.

But in a surprising number of ways, the future is getting brighter. After a weak start, world leaders did make real progress in climate negotiations in Egypt. They also made progress on the interlinked crisis of biodiversity loss in Montreal. Our political institutions are starting to really grapple with transformative change in a way that might have been unimaginable even a decade ago.

Are we there yet? Not by a long shot. But just look at where solar and wind energy are headed. At 90% of new power supply globally, renewables now have fossil fuels backed into a corner. It is frankly amazing that these sources of zero emission energy just keep getting cheaper every year.

Electric vehicles are taking to the streets and offer much more than just the potential to get us from A to B with no climate polluting emissions (when powered by renewables).They can also become an integral part of a whole new power paradigm by providing much needed storage for those renewable sources. With your average vehicle sitting idle 95% of the time, putting these EVs to work in their off hours will be just too good an opportunity to miss.

It’s the same with energy saving technology. Everything from brainier thermostats to smarter refrigerators are going to create the lowest cost solutions to meeting our energy needs. Not wasting energy in the first place – who would turn their back on that?

And that’s where we have to be more than a little concerned. Ontario is going nowhere when it comes to seizing these obvious opportunities. On the contrary, our provincial government has turned its back on most of them – cancelling renewables programs, cutting the energy efficiency budget, and not renewing a contract for low-cost water power from Quebec – while grabbing onto costly and farfetched ideas like “small” nuclear reactors and new gas-fired power plants.

This is very bad news for the people of this province. Simply put, we are about to have our economic lunch eaten by jurisdictions that have a much better handle on where the world is really headed. The energy crisis in Europe, spurred by Russia’s war in Ukraine, has massively accelerated a transition away from fossil fuels. In the United States, the Inflation Reduction Act is hugely accelerating a shift that was already quietly underway at the state level.

The story of where Ontario is headed, and what its misdirection is going to cost us, is not well understood. We need your help to change that.

Your support is what allows us to do the research that shows Ontario can benefit from a green transition: Ontario has the smarts, the money and the know-how to be leaders in fast-evolving green tech.

Your support helps us get the word out through multiple channels about how Ontario must change course before we become the world’s next rust belt state; how increasing pollution from our power system is not going to make this an attractive place to do business in a greener world.

Please make a charitable donation before January 1st to help us advance this critical work. We aren’t going to get a second chance to figure out how to ride this green wave to a prosperous future.

Thank you for all your support! You make our work possible.

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