The Ontario Liberal Party has been asking Ontarians to help develop and select key policy platform ideas for consideration. We proposed the replacement of costly and high-risk nuclear re-build projects with low-cost water power imports from Quebec.
Our idea was one of more than 1,700 the Liberals received through their online Common Ground portal. But our idea caught fire and is now ranked No. 5! It is now one of just 20 ideas that will go forward for further consideration and voting by the party’s members. Based on total votes, the top 3 ideas will be presented to Premier Wynne.
We need your help to bump our idea up to the top 3. If you’re an Ontario Liberal party member, please vote for our “idea” now. Deadline is Fri. Feb. 7th, so don’t delay!
We’re not surprised that so many Ontarians saw our common sense idea for controlling electricity costs as a winner. Importing hydro power from Quebec could save the province more than $1 billion a year compared to re-building the reactors at the aging Darlington Nuclear Station.
Let’s make low-cost water power from Quebec a winner for all Ontarians – lowering our electricity bills and avoiding high-cost nuclear projects.
Angela Bischoff