We often don’t think about the heat beneath our feet, but there is lots of warmth in the ground (or even in water) on the coldest winter days.

Ground-source heat pump systems tap that warmth by using fluid filled loops to collect heat and bring it into your home. In summer, they reverse the process by pulling heat out of your home and depositing it in the ground.

In this webinar on Wed. Feb. 1, 7 p.m. ET, we’ll look at the huge financial and emissions benefits of ground-source heat pump systems. We’ll explain how the technology works and conditions required; how much money you could save by installing a ground-source heat pump system; and their multiple benefits, from lowering your home’s climate impact to improving comfort.

Our experts include:

Heather McDiarmid, PhD, McDiarmid Climate Consulting. Heather has written 3 reports on heat pumps for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance including this one on Ground-Source Heat Pumps; and

Jeff Hunter, Co-Founder of Evolved Thermal Energy

We’ll also have a number of experts on hand in the chat bar to answer your questions live.

Ground-source heat pumps are a well-established technology that can get your home off polluting gas, propane or fuel oil, or help you make much more efficient use of electricity if you rely on electric heat, saving you money and reducing your climate impact.

The webinar is free but you need to register to receive the zoom link. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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