January 27, 2015

Who will stand up against secrecy?

Another secret power deal is the last thing the people of Ontario need. At least three of the candidates in the upcoming Sudbury by-election have gotten that message and are calling for an independent review of any multi-billion dollar deal to rebuild reactors at the Bruce Nuclear Station on Lake Huron.

But despite Premier Wynne’s commitment to running “the most open and transparent government in the country,” Liberal candidate Glenn Thibeault is refusing to commit to a review of what could easily be the largest contract with a private sector company ever signed by the Government of Ontario. Progressive Conservative candidate Paula Peroni, meanwhile, says she can’t take a position until she has more information, something an independent review just might help with.

NDP candidate Suzanne Shawbonquit, Green Party candidate David Robinson and Independent Andrew Olivier all understand the huge risks involved in signing another blank cheque for a nuclear re-build project given the record of every such project in Ontario’s history going massively over budget.

They also understand that we need a review to determine whether we even need the power from Bruce, given dropping electricity demand and more cost-effectivealternatives, such as water power imports from Quebec.

A full Ontario Energy Board review is the only way we can ensure that signing a $60 – $111 billion deal to re-build aging reactors is the best solution to meeting our electricity needs. It’s time to bring this deal out of the backrooms and into the light.

Help us spread the word about a need for a transparent and thorough review of any Bruce Deal by ordering copies of our new pamphlet. They’re free and a great way to help make sure we make decisions based on the real facts, not just private interests. Order them now! Thanks.

Angela Bischoff

p.s. I’m inviting people to help me leaflet blitz Premier Wynne’s riding (Don Valley West). If you can help, let me know.