Right now, every consumer of fossil gas used in homes and businesses in Ontario is paying to help expand Enbridge’s pipeline system. This makes no sense. We are deep in the midst of a climate crisis and asking Ontarians to pay to expand the use of fossil gas is hugely counterproductive – especially given how we are all struggling with rising bills.

Fortunately, the communities that Enbridge wants to connect to polluting gas have much better choices, particularly electric heat pumps. Installing an electric heat pump instead of gas equipment could save homes in these communities $20,000 or more over the life of the equipment.

We are doing them no favours by subsidizing Enbridge’s program to expand gas use. And we aren’t doing our climate any favours either.

Tell the Premier, Energy Minister Todd Smith, and your MPP that you don’t want to be part of this misguided effort to increase the use of climate-damaging and polluting fossil gas. Tell them their government needs to help people get off gas, not hook more people on yesterday’s energy solution.