On June 11th, the Government of Ontario is expected to release its plan to fight dangerous climate change. A coal phase out would provide Ontario with 50-80% of the total greenhouse gas emission reductions the entire province needs to meet its Kyoto Protocol target in 2010.

The answer to the following questions will reveal whether Premier McGuinty is truly committed to phasing out our coal plants and tackling climate change:

1. Does the plan include regulations that establish legally-binding dates for the phase out of coal burning at each of Ontario’s four dirty coal plants?

2. Does the plan ban non-emergency coal-fired electricity exports to the U.S.?

Some things to keep in mind when reviewing the government’s plan:

– To date, despite Dalton McGuinty’s 2003 election promise to phase out coal by 2007, only one coal plant has been shutdown — the Lakeview Generating Station in Mississauga. Coal burning was terminated at Lakeview in April 2005 pursuant to a regulation which was issued in 2001 by Ontario’s then Minister of the Environment, Elizabeth Witmer.

– In 2006, approximately 20% of Ontario’s coal-fired electricity production was exported to the U.S.

– The Ontario Power Authority is recommending that in 2010, Ontario Power Generation should export 93% of its coal-fired electricity to the U.S.

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