We asked the leaders of Ontario’s provincial political parties if they support phasing out gas-fired electricity by 2030. Andrea Horwath (NDP), Steven Del Duca (Liberal Party) and Mike Schreiner (Green Party) have all promised to achieve a virtually complete gas power phase-out by 2030.

To read their full responses, please click here.

We are still waiting to hear from Doug Ford.


Our report, Getting Ontario to a Zero-Carbon Electricity Grid by 2030, shows how we can phase-out gas power and lower our electricity bills by investing in energy efficiency, solar and wind power; by purchasing low-cost Quebec waterpower; and using Hydro Quebec’s reservoirs to act like a giant battery for our wind and solar energy.

Our findings were confirmed by the suppressed Independent Electricity System Operator reports that we obtained via a Freedom of Information request.

Thirty-two Ontario municipalities, representing almost 60% of Ontario’s population, have called for the phase-out of gas power.

Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to create a net-zero-carbon electricity grid for Canada and Ontario by 2035.

Learn more by reading the Toronto Star’s story about Doug Ford’s  “Dirty Plan”.

What you can do

Please contact Doug Ford and your local candidates and ask them if they support phasing-out gas power by 2030 by investing in energy efficiency and renewables.

Thank you!

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