Send a letter urging Windsor to say no to polluting gas!

Capital Power is asking Windsor City Council to endorse building a new 100 megawatt gas-fired power plant in the city. The last thing Windsor needs is more polluting power.

Windsor City Council must say no to Capital Power’s plan if it wants to build new economic opportunities around electric and autonomous vehicles, batteries and other green technologies. The leaders in these fields today are looking for locations that can supply zero-carbon power.

Windsor City Council should call on the province to abandon its plan to expand Ontario’s fleet of climate wrecking gas plants and instead work with local industries to tap into the power of demand response initiatives that shift power use from peak to off peak, improved efficiency, battery storage and new renewable generation.

Windsor City Council has declared a climate emergency. It needs to walk its talk on climate by refusing to approve Capital Power’s polluting plan and opting for greener options instead.

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