December 20, 2007

Wishing for climate action

If cleaner air and action on global warming are on your wish list this year, supporting the Ontario Clean Air Alliance has never been timelier. This year, we helped to convince the Ontario government to impose a legally binding deadline of 2014 for phasing out our four remaining coal plants. But we know Ontario can do better. Our research shows that Ontario could be coal free by 2010. If you believe action on climate change can’t wait, support our efforts to promote a 2010 coal phase out. You’ll be helping to avoid the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, tens of thousands of tonnes of air pollutants, and dangerous quantities of toxics like mercury and lead.

And now you can receive a charitable receipt for donations to our research arm, Ontario Clean Air Alliance Research, while helping us spread the word about the climate and air quality benefits of a coal phase out. It’s the gift that lets you breathe easy. You can make a donation in a couple of clicks online through and find out more at

And thanks for supporting our clean air efforts!

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