We have just days left to convince the federal government that creating strong rules to require a zero-carbon electricity system is exactly what our climate needs.

Right now, the federal government is consulting on its proposed Clean Electricity Regulations (CER), which would require provinces to get the carbon out of their electricity systems by 2035.

Ontario, meanwhile, is headed in exactly in the opposite direction, planning a huge ramp up in the use of gas-fired generating stations that would lead to a >600% increase in greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production.

We need you to tell federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault that he is on the right track but needs to close dangerous loopholes around using equally dirty fossil-fuel derived hydrogen. And he needs to send a clear signal to Ontario that allowing the building of new gas plants – as the province is currently planning – is exactly what the planet doesn’t need.

Ontario actually has plenty of options for decarbonizing – instead of re-carbonizing – its electricity system, and can do so by 2030 with some fresh thinking about the value of deep efficiency, low cost renewables and cooperation with Quebec. But we need legally-binding federal regulations to move Ontario to a zero-carbon electricity grid by 2030 instead of ramping up polluting gas power. You can read our recommendations here.

What you can do

Please send a message to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and your MP in support of strong rules for a zero-carbon electricity system.

Thank you for making the time!

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