Improving Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is one of the best ways to lower our energy costs and the polluting emissions, including greenhouse gases, produced by generating electricity or burning natural gas.  Improving energy efficiency can also make our home’s more comfortable, our businesses more competitive and keep energy dollars in Ontario. We all win when we put Conservation First.

Solving the climate puzzle: The Swedish example

Sweden uses a fraction of the energy of Ontario despite having a similar economy and climate. More

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Improving natural gas efficiency can save us billions

Deeper gas efficiency efforts between now and 2030 could save Ontario consumers $85 billion in natural gas costs over the life-times of the energy efficiency measures.  More

Making the most of our efficiency potential to lower rates

Today, the IESO is paying an average of 2.2 cents for efficiency measures.  Meanwhile, OPG is asking to raise the rate it is paid for nuclear power to 16.5 cents.  Clearly, maximizing efficiency is a better answer. Our factsheet looks at just how much Ontario could save by maximizing efficiency. More

Electricity demand down, economic growth up

Today, Ontario is producing 21% more goods and services for every kilowatt hour of electricity consumed than it was in 2005. More

Building a stronger economy with energy efficiency

How Ontario can create thousands of new jobs, reduce government deficits and grow its economy by embracing energy efficiency: Our report looks at how five key actions can deliver enormous financial benefits for Ontario while also helping our climate and our environment. More

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